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ASQ Service Management

ASQ is an ACI initiative run on behalf of the airport industry worldwide. Day to day management of ASQ is conducted by aviation business analysis specialists DKMA.


For most airports, it is possible to significantly improve satisfaction levels without spending a large amount of money. To do this, you first need to get to grips with what is making passengers unhappy and then work on creating a better airport experience.

Our promise to you: we will help your airport identify key service issues, find ways to fix them quickly and teach you how to avoid them in the future.

See your airport in a new light

The number one reason why most airport managers find it difficult to make significant improvements in passenger satisfaction is not because they are not doing their job well enough or hard enough. No, its because when you work in an airport every day you lose sight of its weaknesses and don't recognize the problems you have.

If you want to improve, you need to understand what is making passengers unhappy. We provide airport operations directors and terminal managers with an impartial, third party view of their airport and show them the causes of disatisfaction. Essentially, we help you see your airport as your passengers do, so you can fix the reasons why they are unhappy quickly.

Results that come from passenger research

Our approach is based on in-depth industry knowledge and a scientific approach.Our competency is helping airport managers understand what is causing passenger dissatisfaction and finding ways to fix it. The solutions we design for your airport are based on the latest trends in airport passenger research. We know the recommendations we provide you with will work because they have helped over over 300 airports around the world solve the same problems you are facing.

Get practical solutions to the problems your airport is facing

You don't want broad theory or vague recommendations but need to find solutions to the problems your airport is facing today. We know that. That's why we focus on giving you detailed lists of actual projects you should implement if you want to improve. Our recommendations are designed to be implemented right away so you can focus on what is important: improving passenger satisfaction at your airport today.

We will teach you how the world's best airports manage satisfaction. But since each airport is unique we will also show you how to adapt this knowledge so that it fits your airport, your passengers, your budget.

If you want to maximise passenger satisfaction levels at your airport, we should talk. Itís as simple as that.



ACI is a non-profit organisation, the prime purpose of which is to foster co-operation among its member airports and with other partners in world aviation, including governments, airlines and aircraft manufacturers. Through this co-operation, ACI makes a significant contribution to providing an air transport system that is safe, secure, efficient and environmentally compatible.

The missions of ACI are the following:

To promote legislation, regulations and international agreements that support member airports' interests;
To contribute to increased co-operation, mutual assistance, information exchange and learning opportunities for member airports;
To provide member airports with timely information and analysis of domestic and international developments;
To generate programs and services which meet members' needs and contribute to membership retention and growth.