ASQ Assured defines best practice

ASQ Assured defines industry best practice and describes the different ways in which this is exhibited in the industry today.
New processes and technologies are emerging constantly in response to passenger and regulatory requirements, and new best practice emerges to reflect these developments. ASQ Assured enables airports to stay on course in their journey to service excellence.

ASQ Assured provides an industry benchmark

ASQ Assured enables airport managers to benchmark their service quality management system and processes against airport industry best practice. The gap analysis helps to identify where there are opportunities to strengthen the organisation’s customer focus and management culture. The airport retains complete discretion on which opportunities are pursued and when and how they are actually implemented.

ASQ Assured facilitates year-on-year improvement

ASQ Assured provides an annual assessment of the airport’s progress in implementing planned service quality improvements. ASQ Assured addresses all aspects of the service and management processes.

ASQ Assured provides an independent industry ‘seal of approval’

ASQ Assured provides industry recognition that the airport’s service quality management processes benchmark with best practice and that there is a track record of continual improvement. The ASQ Assured logo can be viewed as an industry ‘seal of approval’ by regulators and the travelling public – evidence of a commitment to excellence.

ASQ Assured is a user-friendly, performance-focused certification process

ASQ Assured is designed to be airport-user friendly. It does not burden an airport with prescriptive requirements that necessitate large changes to internal processes – rather it looks at the performance of the existing management approach and how well it benchmarks against best practice.