Certification Process

Analysis of over 200 airports in 50 countries shows that great customer service in airports is all about providing the right services and facilities, having outstanding service quality management processes in place and effectively meeting passenger expectations. ASQ Assured assesses service quality by analyzing how your airport performs for each of these three pillars of customer service quality.

Available Services Assessment

The airport completes the ASQ Assured "Available Services" questionnaire. This detailed questionnaire is a check-list of all services and facilities provided to the passengers enabling an identification of where services offered are lacking and a verification that the service offering matches the airport's passengers needs and expectations.

Service Quality Processes

The airport completes the ASQ Assured "Service Quality Management Processes" questionnaire. This comprehensive questionnaire identifies the management practices relating to customer services using pre-defined best practice criteria.

Passenger Approval

An analysis of ASQ Survey passenger satisfaction results is carried out by ACI in order to assess passenger approval and the airport's focus on key drivers of satisfaction. Participation in the ASQ Survey programme is a requirement for certification since it provides the industry customer satisfaction measurement and benchmark indicator.


When an airport is assessed as meeting the minimum certification requirements, an on-site verification audit by accredited ACI auditors will be arranged with the airport. If significant gaps are identified, options are discussed with the airport on how the system or processes could be made more efficient or effective. The airport decides what, how and how quickly improvements will be pursued. The auditors inform the organisation of the results of the audit within 4 weeks of completion. The results take the form of the ASQ Assured report.


Upon successful completion of the certification audit, the airport will be issued with the ASQ Assured Certificate.


Participation in the ASQ Assured scheme then provides for an annual re-assessment and progress audit, prior to recertification. This update audit is a remote - i.e, not on-site audit.


The certification can take place within 6 months of the submission of the completed ASQA questionnaires, provided the airport fulfills all the minimum certification requirements.