Advisory Services

ASQ Management provides support, advice and advisory services for airports looking to improve their quality of service. Advisory projects range from supporting airports looking to achieve ASQ Assured Certification to assistance in changing airport culture and implementing best practice throughout the airport.

Training Services

ASQ Management can also provide training for staff involved in using ASQ Survey and ASQ Performance. The training ranges from understanding and analysing market research to presentation skills and assistance in embedding ASQ into day-day business processes at the airport.

Best Practice

One of the core roles of the ASQ Management service is to assist airports in implementation of best practice identified through ASQ Survey and ASQ Performance. By analysing and collating the results of hundreds of airports’ customer satisfaction surveys and through regular meetings and discussions with the airports, the ASQ initiative is building a best practice model of service quality in an airport.

Airports wishing to improve customer quality can now access the knowledge of the best practice seen through ASQ Survey and ASQ Performance to accelerate their own improvements.

For more information or for a specific project request, please contact DKMA