Measuring and Benchmarking delivered service levels

ASQ Performance measures the levels of service delivered by an airport and puts those measures into context through comparison with other airports. It allows airport management to measure the service performance actually delivered by the airport and accurately pinpoint underperformance, bottlenecks and over-performance.

ASQ Performance focuses on 16 key performance indicators (KPIs) which define the passenger experience through the airport.

ASQ Performance Key Performance Indicators include:

  • Waiting time at check-in
  • Waiting time at security
  • Number of baggage carts available
  • Waiting time at immigration
  • The levels of service are measured through a series of observations, precisely scheduled to ensure an accurate reflection of key issues throughout the airport during peak hours. Fieldwork costs are kept to a minimum through the use of tablets using an app designed specifically for airport passenger flows.

    Conceived as a tool for airport management, ASQ Performance offers monthly feedback and a range of deliverables from management summaries to full databases capable of displaying each recorded observation.